RecentX 3.0.16

Organize your files, folders and programs more effectively

Launch any file, document, folder, program, or website with few keystrokes.

RecentX lets you launch any file as you type, provides fast access to widespread documents, deep folders, cluttered programs, Internet history & bookmarks/favorites. Although RecentX can find any file or folder, it gives higher preference to 'recently' accessed files & folders as they are more important to you. It is easier to pick the right file from a smaller set of important files than to pick from a large clutter of unimportant files. You do not have to spend time adding your favorite files, folders. Also, common file operations (copy, paste) can be quickly performed without using a file manager.



RecentX 3.0.16

User reviews about RecentX

  • goths

    by goths

    "A must have time-saving utility for every computer user"

    This is a very useful and time saving app. Lets you find and launch any file in a snap. Two other things I like are a...   More.

  • kitchener

    by kitchener

    "Well designed and very useful"

    It is a non-obtrusive tool that has grown on me. I actually use it continually throughout the day to access recently ...   More.